Agile Manufacturing

Customized layers for each production stage

Excellence of Production Quality

Superior quality control for the best results at optimal cost

Tender & Vendor Management

Transparent financial & cost-effective operation s
based on supplier’s data

Specialized Mass Production

Efficient serial production & logistic systems
based on knowledge & experience

Our Value Proposition

Group 2

Optimal Production Network
by Supply Chain Management

We know what to concentrate on in the retail area ensuring business success for our clients.
Our European supply chain network enables the best quality and most cost-effective results.

Group 3

Customized Solution Providers

We offer a customized production solution
according to our client’s needs and based on our multiple capabilities in production, technology, engineering, design, and execution.

Group 5

Systematic Technical

Value Engineering

Our technical value engineering capabilities enable cost-effectiveness and advanced production quality without sacrificing functionality.

Group 4

Spatial Design Excellence

For Experiential Storytelling

Our European design network has full-scale design experience and capabilities in all areas of space. This expertise encompasses showcases, exhibitions, fairs, events and stores. Which enables us to provide optimal design solutions helping achieve client's business goals

Group 7

As the Main Element

We trust in the importance of consultancy.
Our professionals are united by the desire to develop outstanding solutions for our clients.
We are your consultant for production solutions of Store, Exhibition, Regional environment, design idea, and Infrastructure services.

Group 6

Production Technology that
Turns Your Ideas into Reality

Ideas that have not yet materialized might remain in your drawer forever. Our production management team guarantees professional planning, engineering, and outstanding execution to make them happen.

Our services offerings

Retail Production

  • Production Management
  • Logistic Operations
  • Assembling
  • 2D Interior Works
  • 2D Civil Works
  • Infra Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Submission Works
  • Tender Management
  • Print Production
  • Signage Production
  • Decoration


  • Store Concept & Design
  • Retail Fixture Design
  • VMD Solution
  • Brand Experience Store Planning
  • Exhibition Design & Solution
  • Trade Shows Planning
  • Events & Booth Design


  • VMD Distribution
  • Experience Kits
  • Sensory Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • E-Label Solution
  • Payment Solutions
  • Kinetic Solutions
  • Shelf & Hanger Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Interactive Solutions



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Jaesung Lee

Head of Production
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Jan Dobias

New Business

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