Tech-Driven Solution

Our passion for technology is reflected in every project we create. With our state-of-the-art technology, we expand the retail space for shoppers’ product experiences and enable personalized brand experiences. Extended reality experience, Interactive and Data collecting solutions are our core values.

Learn more Key capabilities :
  • Tech-driven Experience Solution
  • Data-driven Retail Marketing Tools
  • In-store Interactive Communication

Data-Driven Intelligence

Data enables personalized communication between brand and consumer. Empowering them to maximize the in-store experience of products. Based on this knowledge we provide the best consultancy for planning retail strategy, designing shopper experience journeys and creating spatial design.

Learn more Key capabilities :
  • In-store Strategy & Retail Consulting
  • Spatial Planning & Creative Design
  • Sell-out, Traffic & Stock-Level Predictions

Integrated Retail Production

We present tailored production and design solutions throughout Europe to deliver unique in-store experiences.
Our knowledge, skill, and experience make our retail production unique, creative, and cost-efficient, ensuring business success.
It all comes from our creative design, added technical values, and cutting-edge architectural ideas.

Learn more Key capabilities :
  • Professional Tender Management
  • Agile Manufacturing from Fixture to Shop Fitting
  • Technical Engineering & Creative Design Skills

Field Force

shop:tect FFM provides a unique ‘Personalized Experience in Retail area’ through data-driven targeting, Customized content creation & optimized consumer-centric execution.

Learn more Key capabilities :
  • Hiring & Development
  • Retail Operation
  • Business Intelligence

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