Recruitment & Development

The tailored FFM solution for any type of business


From promotion and training to visual merchandising

Business Intelligence

Systematization of coordination, data processing, reporting and analysis



Group 10

Visibility & Achievability

Via the field force care we make the client products catch the consumer’s attention and create a need to grab them.

Group 2

Consumer Experience

Through the in-depth analysis of consumers, an understanding of the product, and insightful messages, We provide shoppers with a variety of experiences on the benefits and use of products.


Conquer Retail Obstacles

Having the proper field force team means you can rely on their personal relationship and environment knowledge in facing issues or providing additional service.

Group 3

Human Touch

By the cultivation of the shopping process, utilizing emotion, We create a positive affinity towards our client’s brand among customers.

Group 4

Personalized Offering

Through the data collected by the field force and analyzed by back-office, We can deliver a tailored product offering to each consumer.

Our services offerings


  • HR Organization
  • Compensation Structure
  • Carrier Development Plan
  • Complex Education Academy
  • - Presentation and Soft Skills
  • - Sales Driven Abilities
  • - Market Sensing Abilities
  • Legal Support


  • Complex Organization
  • Result Analysis
  • Data Gathering On-site
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Store Maintenance
  • On-site Training Solution


  • Operation Tools Integration
  • Real Time Data Mining Solution
  • Sales Analysis
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Experience Analysis
  • Competitors Activities
  • Development Analysis
  • Optimization Solutions

& Development

The tailored FFM solution for any type of business starts with hiring the right people.

Based on our experience, we have learnt that it is our field employees we need to rely upon. With this in mind, we have built a cutting-edge solution for the hiring and skills-development process. The key is to find people with a keen interest and passion for the product or service. We invest considerable effort not only in teaching the necessities of the product or service but also in developing genuine skills needed for the job. On top of that, we provide numerous motivational programs for the various types and experience levels of employees.


To sustain a business through FFM, it is necessary to master three main areas:

An actual human approach at point of sale can be a game changer for product or service conversion. We cover all aspects of this process such as the promotion plan, promoters R&R with KPI and performance management.

Visual Merchandising
Highlighting the product to attract the shopper. We provide proper visual merchandisers organization consisting of journey planning, merchandisers R&R with KPI, activity management, retail asset monitoring among others.

Sellers Training
Our training is focused on the features and benefits of the product or service. Furthermore, we explain to sellers the proper way to approach the consumer. When organizing training sessions, we provide the training plan, R&R with KPI among other services.

Business Intelligence

Automation of coordination data collection and analysis delivering data-driven solutions is what makes our FFM solution exceptional.

We successfully utilize our in-house software to organize complex field teams, secure data storage and to visualize real time data. We combine it with, for example, the optimization of a merchandiser’s journey plan with geolocation analytics or car fleet management systems, right through to an employee satisfaction index which allows us to maximize field team effectiveness.
Furthermore, through the processing of data collected by the field team we are able to provide key information in reports with clear and detailed visualization and deliver the necessary solutions to the field.



Bumsu Kim

Bumsu Kim

Senior Retail Manager
/ FFM Strategy
Michal Olsa

Michal Olsa

FFM Account Manager

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