Our Vision

Designing & Activating Shopper Experience

shop:tect is an expert in the entire retail marketing field and combines
complete services to design a First-Line shopper experience journey.
With this strategy, we can create original and innovative solutions to
meet client’s expectations.

Our services


Volker Selle

Volker Selle

OF shop:tect
Wonpyo Kang

Wonpyo Kang

OF shop:tect
Jaesung Lee

Jaesung Lee

Head of Production
Karin Wunderlich

Karin Wunderlich

Head of Strategy &
Data Excellence
Nicole Lypinska

Nicole Lypinska

Jan Dobias

Jan Dobias

New Business


We are Members

of the Cheil Family

As a leading global
marketing solutions company,
Cheil has 53 offices in
45 countries worldwide.
Cheil forges connections
between all marketing
while presenting
new values and innovation.
Aligning advertising and retail,
online and offline, data
and events, additionally
consumers and manufacturers.

shop:tect as a part of Cheil is
a European Center
of Excellence providing retail
marketing service

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A Hyper Automated 24/7
Digital Production Powerhouse

MINT provides quality led and data driven mass-producing solutions focused on digital marketing. Working passionately 24/7 round the clock with over 180 dedicated digital experts that deliver solutions to over 60 countries worldwide.
An experienced team of creative designers, insightful strategists and professional engineers offer a complete spectrum of marketing solutions including digital production, content creation, development and web health.

Global Creative Production
Connected through Tech & Data

We are a team of future facing, content enthusing, technology embracing producers and makers. We bring a fresh, full-service production approach to answering the needs of today’s advertisers. Our unique, end to end production model is designed to ensure creative output is at the heart of everything we do. We have state of the art studios in London, North America, Eastern Europe and Seoul.

The Most Human Brand Wins

At BMB we believe in the power of creative empathy and ‘talking up’
to an audience. We do this by seeking out and speaking to the deep
and human needs that bind people to brands. It starts with a common
agency disposition, a curiosity around human behaviors, psychology,
and possibility. Our work is to turn this curiosity into ideas that humanize
brands, making them more charismatic, distinctive and likeable. Our mantra is that, whatever the sector, no matter what changes technology has made to the context of companies and audiences, ‘the most human brand wins’.

For the forward

We are Iris. A creative, strategy and innovation company that uses the
power of participation to move your business forward.
We are 800 people based in 14 offices around the world.

Our specialisms in B2C & B2B enable us to build Participation brands.
We collide our skills in strategy, creativity, martech, data, design and
innovation with customers out there in the real world to create a
disproportionate return on involvement.

Our purpose is to excite progress for our clients, people and the wider world.
We are For the forward.

Intelligent Space For Brands

MDLab explores new aesthetics and extends spatial design beyond physical boundaries – effortlessly crossing borders between the virtual cosmos of social networks, big data and artificial intelligence and the real world. A dedicated and capable team of researchers, architects, designers and engineers offers award-winning holistic solutions including design strategy, 3D design and interactive media for fairs, exhibitions, events, retail and hospitality whether on actual premises, hybrid or online.

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